11 Full day packages
11 x Full Day Daycare
11 full days expires in 3 months. 

second dog 10% off 

5 pack Social distancing Group classes
5 x Social Distanced Obedience Training - Level 1
This is a 5 pack of social distancing classes that work on basic obedience skills with you and your pet.

As you meet the criteria you advance up the levels 

Day Training | 12x Puppy Preschool Package
12 x Puppy Preschool


12 x Puppy Preschool Puppy Preschool is offered three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Dogs must be dropped off no later than 10 am and can be picked up between 4 and 6. Pups come in and play with other pups for a bit then they get some one on one training sessions with our instructors. After a rest/nap period they have group training/enrichment sessions a bit more group play then home to you dog tired but getting smarter day by day 
Daycare | 11x Short Day Package
11 x Short Day Daycare
11 Short day visits Up to 4 hours 

expires in 3 months

Daycare | 23x Full Day Package
23 x Full Day Daycare
23 full days  up to 11 hrs 

expires in 4 months 

second dog 10% off 

Daycare | 23x Short Day Package
23 x Short Day Daycare
23 short day visits ( up to four hours )

expires in 4 months

Daycare | 5x Full Day Package
5 x Full Day Daycare
5 Full day of daycare  up to 11 hrs

in 3 months Expires in 2 months 

second dog 10% off 

KINDERGARTEN Socialization program Under 6months old
4 x kindersocials
This package is geared towards underconfident and fearful puppies that need time to get used to daycare and group settings in order to get into the right mind space to start learning.  60 each or 4 for 200
Puppy Preschool 6 Pack
6 x Puppy Preschool
Our puppy Preschool program is offered Mon-Wed-Fri and during that time we do one on one training with your pup as well as group activities. We include things to help socialize your pup during the pandemic restrictions, i.e urban sounds, strange hat and costumes days, practice vet visits to name a few. 

Day Training | 12x Paws N Play Package
12 x Paws N Play
Same as Paws N Play only more to build stronger more reliable behaviours 
Day Training | 6x Paws N Play Package
6 x Paws N Play
This program is for dogs that are 6 months or older, We work on basic obedience skills as well giving your dog a safe environment to socialize and make new friends. It is offered Tuesday and Thursday.  

We work on training your dog for you, so you have  well behaved, socially adjusted and tuckered out dog at the end of the day 

Day Training | 12x Paws N Play 2.0 Package
12 x Paws N Play 2.0
Paws N Play is for Puppy Preschool Graduates of the 12 pack program and from Paws N Play. In this program we continue to build skills but add in more life distractions and challenges. We include things like sending your dog to his mat/bed,  walking lessons and responding to signals instead of verbal cues. We help your dog gain the confidence and skills to be a good Urban Canine Citizen