In the past year, we’ve seen the effects of COVID‐19 — but we’ve also seen the best in each other. We see it in doctors, nurses, and first responders who are on the front lines helping people directly affected by this situation. We see it in grocery store clerks, sanitation workers and good neighbours, who are helping to keep us all moving forward. Thank you to everyone for doing their part to get us through this challenging time. Thank you to those staying home and doing their part to flatten the curve.

We recognize that many of our clients had to, or still are in quarantine and have been unable to work and/or get out. We also recognize that this new world has made dog exercise and socializing a tough job to complete, with mass restrictions and closures of all our dogs favourite places to burn off energy – and we all know leash walks only go so far!

I think we can all agree that we had hoped this would be a short lived isolation, but it appears that things could maintain this way for longer than we’d thought,. So we decided to create some routines help you and your dogs in this new reality.

We take this situation very seriously,  but also recognize the importance of dog socialization and how being isolated greatly affects them. We also want your dog to be able to burn off some energy. Thankfully, dogs don’t have to worry about social distancing, so we are finding our clients are reaching out looking to set up play dates – As we all know, routine and exercise are key to happy dogs.

In order to respect physical distancing, and do our part to try to reduce the spread and still support our clients in helping to keep our 4 legged friends exercised, we will remain operating but with limited spaces, and with set hours to drop off and pick up. We are operating on a pre-book basis only, you can contact us by email, via the website  or call and set up your dogs visit. Recurring appointments can be set up and then you only need to contact us if you are NOT coming. 

We will be continuing with the implementation of our curbside drop off and pick up. The procedure is to call when you arrive with your dog, or to collect your food order in our parking lot. We will come out and collect your dog, or placed your food order in your trunk. We ask that you stay in your car keep physical distance. Preferred Payment is via email transfer, credit cards debit but will accept cash as well

We are committed to helping any way we can! We don’t know how to make bulk hand sanitizer, but we can sure socialize and train a dog!

To all of our clients; We understand if you are unable to utilize our services at this time, but if you would still like to support us, you can always purchase a package by phone or e-transfer and if required receive discount for your support.

We thank you for your loyalty, and hope to you all back in daycare soon. Together, we will get through this!